It is not uncommon for a cancer patient to ask, did my doctor give me the correct diagnosis? Receiving a diagnosis for cancer can be overwhelming. Many patients are in disbelief. Getting a second opinion can be important and helpful in understanding your cancer diagnosis and how it should be treated. Cancer misdiagnosis can happen and can cause further harm for patients. There are also different situations where a second opinion can be extremely helpful, for instance, if your doctor isn’t sure about the type or severity of your cancer, if you have a rare form of the disease, if your doctor doesn’t specialize in your type of cancer and if you think other treatments might be better for you.

When Misdiagnosis Happens

It may seem unlikely, but misdiagnosis can happen. Getting misdiagnosed with cancer can be more harmful to patients, giving them anxiety, stress, harmful treatment that is not needed or not accurate for their cancer type, and more. It can also cause patients to have a distrust in doctors.

How Massive Bio Can Help

When you need a second opinion, Massive Bio is here for you. With our Virtual Tumor Board made up of top oncologists from the world’s largest cancer research centers, your medical history will be reviewed to give an unbiased, expert analysis with recommendations for your cancer treatment. There is no need to travel, your recommended treatment plan can be brought to your local physician for local treatment.


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